Let's work together

I live in Munich but work with clients around the world. If you are interested, have an inquiry or want to receive my media kit, just contact me. This is what I can offer you:

  • Generation of content for brands and media outlets

  • Destination photography, press trips & storytelling

  • Influencer Marketing on Instagram

  • Product Placements on this Blog

  • Expedition Photography

  • Image Licensing/Stock Photography:
    I have an extensive portfolio of images available for your editorial or commercial use.

I have partners who I can work with, in case videograpy is needed for the project as well.

Shot for Alp-n-Rock

Shot for Alp-n-Rock


Hi, my name is Thomas Herdieckerhoff. I am a 26-year old photographer with a passion for the outdoors and an everlasting desire to discover new corners of the world. My thirst for exploration often takes me off the beaten track to capture unique moments of adventure. I am always ready to go the extra mile for an amazing view or a new experience.

During my journeys I have seen surreal landscapes, immersed myself in fascinating cultures and met wonderful people - camera always in hand. Following my love for mountaineering I have also enjoyed the views from more than 100 summits around the world. Here I want to share my photos as well as my stories with you.


I am constantly on the lookout for exciting challenges and new perspectives. With my content, I tell stories that have not been told before and motivate people to go where not many have gone.

I want to take the viewer on a journey and evoke emotions that inspire to do the same.
Using my skills as a photographer and adventurer, I am looking forward to creating visually engaging and interesting content for both editorial and commercial purposes.

Shot for Montura

Shot for Montura